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For the last 15 years, Catherine Malandrino has become a face that embodies femininity and strength. Bridging the style of Paris, the romance of Provence and the energy of New York the Catherine Malandrino voice is embraced by women of style all around the world.

After moving from Paris to New York and meeting with Diane von Furstenberg she offered her the position of senior designer and creative director of the relaunch house. At the same time Catherine was ready to express her own aesthetic by marrying her skill of draping with unique craftmanship to her collection. Malandrino created a movement that would go down in the annals of fashion history as the “Flag Collection”. The concept: ultra feminine jagged flag dresses inspired by the stars and stripes and the movie “Easy Rider” was her first statement of free spirited women.

Madonna was the first one to wear the collection on stage, followed by Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mary J. Blige, Kristen Stewart, Demi Moore, and Alicia Keys, among others.